The doodle on Google which shows Malaga's province's famous sardines.
Google pays tribute to the 'espeto', the traditional dish that can be found being freshly grilled on beaches all along the Costa del Sol

Google pays tribute to the 'espeto', the traditional dish that can be found being freshly grilled on beaches all along the Costa del Sol

The search engine's daily doodle today shows the sardines on skewers being cooked on a boat by the shoreline and explains why the popular dish is the "flavour of the summer"

Rossel Aparicio


Monday, 12 June 2023, 17:35


Google has paid tribute to one of the Costa del Sol’s most famous and traditional dishes, the espeto malagueño.

The all-powerful search engine dedicated its doodle to the sardine dish today (Monday, 12 June) as it is the day that the traditional plate, typical of the coast of Malaga, is celebrated in the province.

The image handmade with clay shows the "flavour of summer", with a man sitting beside a boat in the sand, and sardines skewered on a spit. "A salty, smoky aroma in southern Spain can only mean one thing: it's espetos season," the search engine explained.

The Malaga-themed doodle has not gone unnoticed by users who love this fish, usually skewered on long, thin rods, which is cooked to perfection by the embers that burn on the sand of the beach, close to the shoreline.

Bernardo Quintero, founder of the company VirusTotal, from Malaga, was one of the first to share on social media the significant gesture on behalf of Google towards Malaga and its gastronomy. "Today Monday, 12th June, Google pays tribute to the espeto malagueño", said the businessman, who also revealed why it is celebrated on this date and how it is made.

Google explained that the 'espeto', a hallmark of Malaga, takes its name precisely from the Spanish word 'espetar', which means 'to skewer'. Normally sardines are skewered, although other types of fish such as sea bream, sea bass or even squid are also grilled on the fire.

Sardines on skewers.
Sardines on skewers. SUR

The search engine also explained that the 'espetos' are never devoured on a Monday, as it is normally a day of rest in the fishmongers. Google even informs how the dish is prepared; the 'espeteros' place several sardines on the skewer, season them with salt and, after grilling them over a flame, sprinkle them with a few drops of lemon juice.

The aim of Google’s doodle selection process is to "commemorate anniversaries and interesting events that reflect Google's personality and passion for innovation", according to the company.

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