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Fourth Covid jab is now being given to over-80s in Andalucía

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines have been adapted to provide protection against Omicron variants as well as the original virus and they will be administered at the same time as the flu jab

Ángel Escalera

Today, Monday 3 October, marks the start of the Junta de Andalucía's campaign to give a fourth Covid jab to people in the region who are aged over 80. The flu jab will be administered at the same time as the Covid booster.

The vaccines used are those produced by Pfizer and Moderna which have been adapted to protect against Omicron sub-varieties as well as the original strains of the coronavirus. The European Medicines Agency says these will provide better protection even if the virus evolves further.

Scheduled according to age

Appointments for a fourth Covid vaccine and flu jab can be made by phoning the local health centre or Salud Responde (955 54 50 60), online via ClickSalud or the Salud Responde app. However, the vaccinations are scheduled according to age.

From 17 October onwards the plan is to start vaccinating people aged 65 to 79, and then from 24 October the 60 to 64-year-olds. However, those in this younger age group will not be given the flu jab as well unless they are vulnerable, work in health care or are members of the Armed Forces or police.

From December, if supplies permit, Covid and flu vaccines will also be available for people who share a home with someone over 65 or who is at risk.

This year for the first time the flu jab will be given to youngsters in Andalucía who are aged between six months and four years 11 months, following a recommendation from the World Health Organization.