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Former Malaga professional footballer pleads guilty to heading gang of drug traffickers

Former Malaga professional footballer pleads guilty to heading gang of drug traffickers

Sergio Contreras, better known as Koke, has agreed to a plea deal of six years in prison, instead of the original 16-year sentence requested by the prosecution

Irene Quirante


Wednesday, 3 May 2023, 11:57


The former professional footballer from Malaga, Sergio Contreras - but better known as Koke, has pleaded guilty to acting as the main leader of a gang that trafficked large quantities of narcotics across Europe.

The Public Prosecutor's Office was initially asking for 16 years in prison, but Koke's guilty plea during a hearing at the Provincial Court of Malaga on 2 May meant he could get a lower sentence of six years instead.

Sixteen other people were also involved in the case and accused of taking part in the criminal plot. All of them pleaded guilty.

Koke had a whole line of people who acted under his orders to purchase and then distribute large quantities of narcotic substances, mainly marijuana, but also cocaine and hashish to other European countries, the court heard.

The gang had a high economic capacity and logistical structure, which allowed them to obtain the drugs. They would then be vacuum-packed at the homes of various gang members, before they were transported, according to the prosecution.

Guardia Civil officers dismantled the group in November 2019 following an investigation. Police observed how the gang would continuously change vehicles to avoid being tracked. According to the prosecution, Koke was at the most senior level in the group.

Among the drug shipments the Public Prosecutor's Office attributed to Koke's gang, was a 206,920 kilo haul of marijuana and almost one kilo of cocaine, hidden in a consignment of garlic. The price of the drugs would have been worth 400,000 euros on the black market.

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