Morocco earthquake

First contingent of firefighters from Malaga ready to help with rescue efforts following earthquake in Morocco

The group is made up nine professionals and four search dogs with extensive experience in this type of emergency operation, as the death toll continues to rise following the magnitude 6.9 quake



Saturday, 9 September 2023, 14:36


A first contingent of professionals from Malaga's provincial fire brigade (CPB) is already on standby to help with search and rescue efforts in the area affected by the magnitude 6.8 earthquake in Morocco.

The president of the Diputación de Málaga provincial authority, Francisco Salado, has offered "the support and solidarity of the province of Malaga with the Moroccan people in these complicated times" and added that "our thoughts are with the victims and their families".

He also reported that the first group of firefighters from Malaga is made up of five professionals with extensive experience in rescue work in this type of emergency and catastrophre. He pointed out that members of the CPB participated in the search for survivors after the explosion in the port of Beirut, in Ukraine, on La Palma after the eruption of the volcano and following the earthquake in Turkey earlier this year.

"From the very first moment, the provincial brigade offered its help to the Moroccan authorities to be able to travel as quickly as possible to the neighbouring country and try to save as many lives as possible," said the president.

The contingent of five firefighters from Malaga is completed with another four from Huelva and four dogs specialised in searching for people. The Diputación is coordinating the action with the NGO Firefighters for the World, with which it has already worked on other emergencies.

CPB firefighters say that the first hours of work are crucial, as every minute that passes diminishes the chances of survival. For this reason, this first contingent, which could be expanded with a second, is ready to mobilise the moment the required authorisations come through.

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