An image of the farmers' protest a fortnight ago in Malaga. Ñito Salas
Farmers' protests return to Malaga: motorways and streets to be affected by the tractor rally this Wednesday

Farmers' protests return to Malaga: motorways and streets to be affected by the tractor rally this Wednesday

Farm vehicles will converge on the city from the Guadalhorce valley and Antequera to meet at 10.30am at the Paseo del Parque

Matías Stuber

Tuesday, 20 February 2024, 23:27


Farmers' protests will be back on the roads in Malaga this Wednesday. Organised by several agricultural associations (Asaja, Coag, UPA and Cooperativas Agro-Alimentarias) dozens of tractors are set to head for the city's Paseo del Parque, where a large rally is planned for 10.30am. There the farmers will explain the reasons for the discontent that prevails in the sector and will outline the changes that are being demanded to abandon the protests. On this occasion, the demonstrations have been communicated to the government office and the city hall, so they have permission from the authorities.

According to official sources, some 200 tractors are expected to arrive in the city. This will affect traffic and will cause diversions in the centre of the city. As mentioned, the tractors will congregate on the Paseo del Parque. But their entrance to the city will be made in two columns: one from the Guadalhorce valley area and the other from Antequera.

The column of tractors from the Guadalhorce will arrive in Malaga from the A-357. It will enter the city via Avenida Blas Infante and then continue on to Plaza Manuel Azaña. From there, they will head towards Avenida de Andalucía, where they will converge with the tractors from Antequera and go together towards the Paseo del Parque.

The tractors leaving from the municipalities in the Antequera area will meet at 8am at the various cooperatives to join the A-45 from there. They will arrive in Malaga via Avenida Jacinto Benavente and, before joining the column of tractors from the Guadalhorce valley, they will travel along Avenida Ramón y Cajal, Avenida Jorge Silvera, Paseo de Martiricos, Calle Mármoles and Armengual de la Mota.

The rally in the Paseo del Parque will last until 2pm and will also be attended by farmers and stockbreeders who will arrive in the city on several buses chartered for the occasion. Once the rally is over, the tractors will start the return journey using the same route in the opposite direction.

Sources from the agricultural associations insisted to SUR that the route has been designed with the aim of causing «as little inconvenience as possible» to the people of Malaga. This Wednesday's protest is the last demonstration announced for now by the agricultural associations. However, they have already made it clear that there will be further protests if they believe that the central government does not meet their demands.

Streets affected

Malaga city hall has said that from 10am the Paseo del Parque will be completely closed until the end of the concentration of tractors scheduled from 3pm.

The city council recommends not using private vehicles to access the city centre, using the ring roads and following the traffic information in real time through the official social media, as well as the indications of the Local Police. All EMT bus lines will be affected in their routes, timetables and stops. It is recommended to consult the EMT application.

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