Health benefits were observed after just one month of consumption of the oil SUR
Extra virgin olive oil can help with weight loss and lower blood sugar new research in Spain reveals

Extra virgin olive oil can help with weight loss and lower blood sugar new research in Spain reveals

Researchers from Malaga observed how the health of people suffering from obesity and early stages of diabetes improved after just one month of consuming the oil

Susana Zamora


Friday, 3 November 2023, 11:53


Extra virgin olive oil can help improve the health of people with obesity and who are in the early stages of diabetes, according to new research in Spain.

The findings of a study carried out in April by the Instituto de la Grasa, the research centre of the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas, together with the Hospital Regional Universitario de Malaga and the University of Malaga, were published in the official journal of the European Society of Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.

It shows that just one month's consumption of extra virgin olive oil, rich in the biophenols oleocanthal and oleacein, help with weight loss, decreased body mass index and lowered blood sugar levels. None of these benefits were observed after consumption of ordinary olive oil.

"This study has determined the beneficial effects on the health of 91 people of an olive oil rich in these phenols compared to olive oil, which contains seven times less of these compounds. After 30 days of taking it, their oxidative and inflammatory status improved significantly, indicating that this type of oil induces a healthier profile," said Aránzazu García Borrego, one of the study's researchers.

"These results place oleocanthal- and oleacein-rich olive oils one step above other types of olive oil in terms of health benefits, providing scientific evidence for their use as a source of fat in the diet of people with obesity," said Javier Bermúdez, coordinator of the study. Until recently, it was thought that the health benefits of olive oil were due to the type of fatty acid it contains, oleic acid. Today, however, most of these beneficial effects are attributed to a number of compounds present in virgin olive oil, the biophenols.

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