Estepona is the second fastest growing municipality in Spain Josele
Estepona, Marbella and Benalmádena among Top 5 of Spain's fastest-growing towns

Estepona, Marbella and Benalmádena among Top 5 of Spain's fastest-growing towns

The latest population data confirms the Costa del Sol as one of the most attractive areas to live in the whole of the country

María Albarral

Wednesday, 3 January 2024, 11:23

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Estepona, Marbella and Benalmádena are among the five Spanish municipalities with the highest population growth in the country, new data shows.

Estepona is in second place with 4.6% more inhabitants than 2022, increasing from 73,698 to 77,068, according to 2023 figures from Spain's INE national institute of statistics. In first place is Torrevieja, registering a 6.8% increase.

Estepona mayor José María García Urbano said the data "complements the fact that the town continues to lead among the Andalusian municipalities with the lowest unemployment rate and the highest job creation". "Over the last 12 years the council has promoted a model of a town that has had as its main objective bolstering its economy and social dynamic," he added.

Neighbouring municipality Marbella came in fourth place with a 3.9% growth rate, moving from 150,321 to 156,153 residents. The town is now the seventh most populated in Andalucía, even ahead of provincial capitals such as Huelva, Cadiz and Jaén.

Meanwhile, Benalmádena is in fifth position among the fastest growing locations in Spain, growing from 73,549 to 76,318 inhabitants, a 3.8% increase compared to 2022.

New data

The INE data has been updated to 1 January 2023, however Marbella town hall said it has updated its own data to 1 January 2024, and the town's actual population is now at 165,871 inhabitants.

San Pedro Alcántara deputy mayor Javier García pointed out that there are also 153 registered nationalities in the municipality. There are 112,013 Spanish citizens; 5,486 from the United Kingdom; 5,177 from Morocco; 4,516 from Ukraine; 3,712 from Colombia and 3,319 from Russia.

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