Large sums of cash were also recovered in the raids. / SUR

Watch as heavily armed police smash drug trafficking network in Operation Gunpowder

The organisation was toppled when around 300 Guardia Civil officers made 40 arrests during 31 dramatic raids along the coast, in both Malaga and Cadiz provinces


The Guardia Civil’s Operation Gunpowder investigation has blown open criminal organisation that allegedly introduced large quantities of drugs to Spain along Malaga and Cadiz province coasts.

During raids involving heavily armed police, some 40 people were arrested and almost six tonnes of hashish was seized. Also 25 vehicles - including several high-end stolen cars, some 17,250 packs of tobacco, around 268,000 euros in cash, two short weapons, a shotgun, as well as a drone, communication devices and documentation was recovered.

Some 31 properties were raided in La Línea, San Roque, Algeciras, Manilva and Malaga, in which 300 officers were involved.

In one of the searches, around 50,000 euros in cash was found in the school bag of the daughter of one of the arrested persons, and later another 150,000 euros were found under the mattress in a bedroom, which the owner of the maintained was ‘savings’.

The police operation began last April, when the Guardia Civil Guard found 2,675 kilos of hashish in a nursery. In that operation, two people were arrested and six vehicles that had been previously stolen were recovered.

From then on the police gradually learned more about the organisation’s operation. Officers discovered that the network was responsible for consignments of hashish on land, once they had been dropped off at sea near the coast.

It is that believed the network handled large quantities of drugs and tobacco, and as much as six tonnes of hashish a week.

The investigators learned that the network had around a dozen "nurseries" between the towns of San Roque (Cadiz), La Línea de la Concepción (Cadiz) and Manilva (Malaga), for the concealment of hashish and stolen vehicles.

The organisation allegedly alternated collecting stashes of hashish resin bales with smuggled tobacco, using small inflatable boats to meet consignments delivered aboard high-powered narco -guardiboats that crossed the Strait of Gibraltar.