One of the young men was evacuated to the Costa del Sol Hospital in serious condition. SUR
Two youths stabbed, one of them seriously, after fighting over a scooter in Estepona
112 incident

Two youths stabbed, one of them seriously, after fighting over a scooter in Estepona

Both have been arrested for assaulting each other with a knife, as well as a third man for allegedly actively collaborating in the brawl

Irene Quirante

Friday, 17 May 2024

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A fight over a scooter has resulted in three youths being arrested, two of them hospitalised, after allegedly stabbing each other during the brawl, which occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning in Estepona. One of the injured was reportedly taken in a serious condition to the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella. According to the sources consulted, he suffered injuries to his neck, hand and leg.

The brawl took place after midnight on Tuesday 14 May in the Resinera Voladillas area. Apparently, several residents alerted the 112 emergency services after hearing the shouts of the confrontation coming from the street, although they later reported that those involved appeared to have fled.

Witnesses also alerted the Local Police and a patrol car was sent to the scene. On arrival, the officers found a 19-year-old man with stab wounds, who was rushed to the Costa del Sol Hospital due to the severity his injuries. Police sources confirmed that he was not the only one injured in the brawl. Another young man of the same age was treated by doctors for stab wounds at the Hospiten centre in Estepona, to which he had made his own way, although his injuries were not serious.

The events led to an investigation by the National Police, who have arrested the two injured men, although one of them remains hospitalised. According to their inquiries, everything points to the fact that the two were acquaintances and that the dispute started over a scooter.

The officers have also arrested a third young man of approximately the same age, who is allegedly a friend of one of the aggressors, for actively taking part in the brawl. The three detainees are of Spanish nationality and residents of Estepona and Marbella, according to the sources.

At the moment, it is unclear whether the two injured youths were both armed with a blade, such as a knife, or whether one of them initiated the attack and the other snatched his weapon.

Further assaults with weapons

These are not the only arrests made recently by the National Police for assaults with knives. At the weekend, two other individuals, both of Ukrainian nationality and aged 37 and 25, were arrested for their alleged involvement in a brawl, which resulted in one of them being stabbed in the arm and the other man with a broken nose. The events took place in a bar in San Pedro Alcántara and it seems that one of those arrested was the owner of the establishment, who stabbed the other man during the confrontation. Police are now investigating the incident.

Last week there was another stabbing in Torremolinos, which left the victim, a 38-year-old man, in a quadriplegic condition after being stabbed in the back of the neck, according to sources consulted. The attack happened at around 7am on 9 May in Calle Marqués de Salamanca. The victim and assailant had apparently had a fight in the vicinity of a bar in the area of La Nogalera. They allegedly met again in Calle Marqués de Salamanca, where the stabbing took place. The alleged assailant, who fled in a taxi, was arrested shortly afterwards by the National Police, who are now investigating him for attempted murder.

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