Image of the arrest of the young man detained in Estepona. SUR

This is the moment a young man was arrested for theft and smashing up shops and bars in Estepona

The detained individual was allegedly responsible for at least five burglaries that caused considerable damage to premises

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Tuesday, 17 October 2023, 09:35

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National Police officers have arrested a young man in Estepona as allegedly being responsible for five burglaries in catering establishments and clothing shops in the Costa del Sol town.

The suspect, a local resident, who was identified thanks to the collaboration of the public, forced the doors of the premises to steal money and items he found inside. He also caused considerable damage to the shops and exteriors, causing great alarm among the shopkeepers who were affected.

The operation carried out by Estepona officers, was initiated after several burglaries with force were reported in establishments, all of them with a similar modus operandi and all of them located in the same area, National Police said in a statement.

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