The moment the exhausted man arrived back at the shore after being rescued by two police officers. SUR
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Paddle board surfer and a family member who was trying to help her rescued from sea in Estepona

The incident has come to light as a major search operation continues for two young men who went into the sea on a paddle board from Huelin beach in Malaga on Sunday

Juan Cano


Tuesday, 29 August 2023, 09:51


Another frightening paddle board incident has come to light following last weekend's strong winds and rough seas in which two young men are believed to have been swept out to sea, and remain missing off the Costa del Sol.

Maxi Ludvik, 29, and Emmanuel Soria, 34, have been missing since the morning of Sunday 27 August when they paddled out to sea on their board together. So far, rescue authorities have only been able to locate the pair's paddle board some 15 miles from the coast.

But the rough weather that blew along the coast didn't just cause problems for beachgoers on the Huelin beach in Malaga city. In Estepona, a young woman who had gone paddle surfing and her father-in-law, who jumped into the sea to try to help her when he saw her in distress, were rescued at about 11am on Sunday.

Two police officers were the first to arrive at the scene on Rada beach, near the La Peseta bar, and saw a person struggling and calling for help about 200 metres from the shore. The officers ripped off their uniforms and jumped into the sea to help the man. When they reached the individual, he told them that his son's partner was on a paddle surf board and the current had carried her out to sea.

The girl was then rescued by a boat from the cleaning fleet used to remove jellyfish and rubbish from the sea.

The two people rescued from the sea were suffering from fatigue and, according to sources, had been in danger of drowning.

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