Decorations in Estepona after lights were turned on. / J. M. M.

Estepona welcomes Christmas with the switching on of its lights

This year over 2,000 decorations have been arranged throughout the municipality. The lights use LED technology


Estepona welcomed Christmas on Friday with the switch-on of its festive lights. The event took place, for the first time, in the central gardens of the orchid house, which congregated thousands of people keen to see the decorations that give way to one of the more moving times of the year.

Attendees also enjoyed musical performances by local choirs and groups, before going off and exploring the rest of the lights and decorations in the streets of the town centre.

Over 2,000 different decorations have been arranged throughout the whole municipality, including arches of lights and nets around the trees.

Also, ten 'Merry Christmas' light signs and eleven illuminated trees decorate roundabouts, along with four Christmas trees around the town.

The switching-on ceremony at the orchid house. / J. M. Martín

Estepona town hall has acquired around a thousand Christmas decorative elements of its own over the last few years, avoiding set up and hiring costs from running too high. All the lights use LED technology, which means that there will be even less energy consumption.

The cultural and social activities programme that has been organised for the festive season offers more than thirty events in different places in the town.

Also, the traditional Three Kings parade will return on 5 January, keeping in line with Covid-19 protocols.