The observation area in the Emergency Department at the HAR. sur
Accident and Emergency Department opens at Estepona hospital

Accident and Emergency Department opens at Estepona hospital

A lack of staff at the facility means the unit is not fully operative yet but the authorities say they are taking on more professionals

David Lerma


Friday, 14 October 2022, 15:29


The Accident and Emergency Department (A&E) at the Hospital de Alta Resolución in Estepona (HAR) is now operative, although not fully open. At present 38 professionals are working in the department but the Junta de Andalucía says it is continuing the process to take on more personnel so the centre can provide a full service.

The department was originally due to open in July so it is more than two months behind schedule. The regional Health Minister at the time said the delay was due to a problem in finding staff.

A&E is on the ground floor of the hospital and the reception, waiting room, nursing department and patient transfer area are open, as well as two triage rooms, a critical care room, 10 consulting rooms and an observation area.

The HAR was opened in February 2021, principally so that patients with Covid-19 could be sent there from the Costa del Sol Hospital in Marbella. It was built by Estepona council, who then ceded it to the Junta de Andalucía to equip and manage. It provides specialist care for patients in the Casares, Manilva and Estepona areas.

At present the centre only provides out-patient care, although there are plans to create wards so that patients can be admitted where necessary.

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