Tankers took water to the holiday complex Josele
Burst supply pipe leaves more than 500 guests without mains water for two days at Costa del Sol aparthotel
Drought crisis

Burst supply pipe leaves more than 500 guests without mains water for two days at Costa del Sol aparthotel

Water supply company Hidralia blamed "the drought" for the delay resolving the incident, while the accommodation provider was left with a large bill after being forced to bring in water by tanker

María Albarral

Wednesday, 31 January 2024, 09:59


A burst pipe supplying the Ona Valle Romano Golf and Resort in Estepona left more than 500 guests without water for two days. According to the establishment, around 8 pm on Wednesday 24 January guests began to complain. "It was a very serious problem because the water tank was empty and we were left without a drop of water," assistant manager of the complex, Ruth Delgado, told Diario SUR. She added that six groups left the complex due to the problem and the company had to give them their money back.

The aparthotel said that the problem was having an “economic impact” not only because of the cancellation of bookings, but also because they had to buy water for the guests. "When we saw that our supply was cut off, we bought 5,000 one-and-a-half-litre bottles of water to supply our guests. With that they take showers and flush the toilets, which makes their discomfort a worry us," Delgado added.

The company ordered four tankers of 25,000 litres of drinking water each day at a cost of 9,000 euros. "We have to provide our guests with water first and foremost. This situation affects their comfort as well as for us in daily tasks such as cleaning", Delgado said.

On the same day there was a pipe that supplies the whole of the Valle Romano residential area in Estepona burst. Hidralia, the company responsible for the water supply in the town, told this newspaper that "the pipe was fixed in time and correctly". However, Hidralia and the holiday complex management blamed "the drought" for the burst pipe. Hidralia explained to SUR that the reservoir in the area has less water as a result of current water restrictions.

Under normal conditions, the tank would have been filled when the supply was restored, but with the lack of pressure and water, they said that it would not be full "for another week". Hidralia carried out technical work to divert water from other locations to the tank, however, although the southern area does have water, the northern area where the aparthotel complex is located did not get water until late on Friday 26 January.

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