Miriam Postigo and her children outside their home / Sur

Demolition of rural houses in Benajarafe will leave families homeless

The houses were built without planning permission in 2004, and the owners have now been given six months in which to knock them down

Eugenio Cabezas

Two families, with three children between them, face being homeless if an order to demolish their semi-detached houses in Benajarafe is acted upon.

Raúl Postigo, who is married to Miriam Medianero and their two school age children, Miriam, 12 and Samual, six, live next door to their aunt – Miriam’s sister Cristina – and her six-year-old son Juan Antonio.

They built the semi-detached houses in 2004 in the Los Puertas area of Benajarafe Alto on a plot of 13,000 square metres. In addition, they planted about 300 mango trees. There has been an order to demolish the homes in place since 2018.

"It is very unfair, that 18 years later they tear down our houses when we are surrounded by hundreds of houses built without a licence," said Raúl who added that the local council is trying to help the family as much as possible.

The families were informed on 3 January that they have six months to demolish the houses and if they do not comply could be charged with “a crime of disobedience against judicial authority.”

"In 2018 the town council paralysed a demolition order because three children live in the houses, Social Services are helping us, we need the court to pay attention to our situation," said Raúl. Both families have been paying property tax for “years”, he maintained.

“With the new Andalusian urban planning law, LISTA, we believe that the houses can be legalised,” he added.