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Coronavirus Málaga: Andalucía's Covid infection rate drops by 375.1 in one month to stand at 147.5
Coronavirus Málaga

Andalucía's Covid infection rate drops by 375.1 in one month to stand at 147.5

The Junta's Ministry of Health has notified 622 new coronavirus infections in the region and the deaths of 36 people who tested positive for the disease

Ángel Escalera


Tuesday, 16 August 2022, 17:01

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Although Covid-19 and its variants behave in an unpredictable way, the truth is that the situation has improved a lot compared to the beginning of the summer, when there was a rebound in cases associated with the greater transmissibility of BA.4 sand BA.5 variants of Omicron.

However, in the last month there has been a significant reduction in those testing positive for coronavirus in the region. Therefore, the infection rate has dropped by 375.1 among those over 60 years of age in Andalucía when compared to that of last 15 July, when it stood at 522.6 infections per 100,000 population in 14 days. This Tuesday, 16 August it is just 147.5, accoding to the latest data from the Junta de Andalucía's Ministry of Health.

Since the criteria on how to quantify Covid cases changed, the incidence is only measured in people over 60 years of age, who are the most vulnerable and those who usually suffer more seriously from the disease if the infection caused by SARS-CoV-2 becomes complicated and the patient requires hospital admission. In the last four days, 622 new cases have been registered in the region, according to data from the Ministry of Health.

The Junta's Ministry of Health has not notified the number of patients admitted with Covid to Andalusian hospitals this Tuesday, 16 August

The most negative aspect of this phase of the pandemic, in which infections have subsided, continues to be that of deaths. This Tuesday, the Ministry of Health has reported a total of 14,940 deaths in the region once the 36 since Friday are added. However, it must be specified that many of the patients who die have the coronavirus, but the direct cause of death is another pathology that they previously suffered from. In the data provided by the Junta de Andalucía on Tuesdays and Fridays, it gives the number of deaths, but it does not determine the people who have lost their lives due to Covid and those who have died with the virus.

However, this Tuesday the Junta has not provided the number of patients who are admitted to Andalusian hospitals with a coronavirus infection. In a statement it indicated that it will be Friday when information on the number of coronavirus patients in hospital will be reported. The same applies to the number of people who have recovered from the coronavirus in the last four days.

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