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Costa del Sol hoteliers reveal bookings have slowed since middle of May

Costa del Sol hoteliers reveal bookings have slowed since middle of May

If reservations don't pick up then occupancy rates for the summer high season could be down on last year, despite extremely busy months in April and May

Pilar Martínez


Friday, 9 June 2023, 16:58


Stagnating hotel bookings along the Costa del Sol has hoteliers worried that occupancy rates for the summer could drop below last year's figures.

Hotel reservations since the middle of May have slowed, according to the Aehco association of hoteliers of the Costa del Sol. It has warned that the demand for July and August is currently between 10-14%, below that recorded last year.

"The forecasts for the months of July and August are for the moment lower than in 2022," José Luque, Aehcos president, said. The calling of Spain's general elections for 23 July may have affected bookings which were coming in strong and steady in May, he also added.

Aehcos forecast 82.1% occupancy rate in July and 79.29% for August. "These low figures compared to 2022 clearly show the stagnation of demand that we have noticed since May. Even so, we hope that there will be a final push in a season that is expected to exceed the data of 2022," Aehcos said.

Destinations with the greatest demand for July are Fuengirola, which exceeds 89.2% of booked rooms; Malaga city (84.6%) and Mijas (78.9%.). The average occupancy rate for the province is estimated at 83%, two points less than 2022.

Malaga province was off to a cracking start at the beginning of the tourist season after recording an occupancy rate of 85.6% in May, surpassing the 78.74% recorded in the same month last year. The average gross contribution per guest was 95.59 euros throughout the province, exceeding the average spend of guests last May by more than seven euros.


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