Crestellina's chocolate bar with cured goat's cheese.
Chocolate and cheese? The new Malaga made bar that you must try this Christmas
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Chocolate and cheese? The new Malaga made bar that you must try this Christmas

Two companies in the province are behind the exciting new product that uses cocoa from Peru and cured payoya goat's cheese from a local dairy

Javier Almellones


Friday, 8 December 2023, 13:28


In other countries it is more common to pair chocolate with cheese but not so much in Spain. However, this year Maychoco and Crestellina, two companies that are part of the promotional brand Sabor a Málaga, have created a bar of chocolate that promises to tempt cocoa lovers this Christmas.

Its chocolate is 55% cocoa (Gran blanco from Piura in Peru) roasted in the Maychoco workshop in Benajarafe (Velez-Málaga), with cured payoya organic goat's cheese from the Crestellina dairy in Casares as well as 'pan de higo', ('fig bread', a moulded paste made mainly with figs and almonds, among other ingredients).

To prepare the bars, the cocoa for the chocolate is roasted by Mayte Sánchez, owner of Maychoco. Then she has to dry the cured cheese from Crestellina to incorporate it into the bar. Then comes the fig bread, which comes from two producers also in Malaga province. "I wanted it to be a product that would clearly leave its Andalusian stamp," Sánchez said.

She said that she had tried chocolate and cheese many times before at wineries, "and the experiences have always been very good". "This new bar with cocoa from Peru, cured payoya goat's cheese and fig bread is a perfect pairing with a pajarete wine, such as the one recently launched by the Malaga winery Quitapenas," Sánchez added. The quality of Peru's cocoa is quickly apparent on the palate in this bar. "It's like a sweet and, despite the milk, the chocolate is the main flavour," Sánchez said.

Juan Ocaña, manager of Crestellina, a family cheese factory in Casares that in the last year and a half has switched to organic production, is also satisfied with the outcome. It has been the first experience in which their cheeses are integrated into other products. "So far we had only tried it with fruit jams for our yoghurts, but we want to continue getting involved in this type of initiative," he said.

The chocolate is already available online and in person at stores of both producers, in Casares and Benajarafe. It is also be available for purchase at events such as food, produce and crafts fairs. The 70-gramme block costs seven euros.

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