Chocolate with almonds and fruit are some of La Pinocha's offerings.
Chocoholics in seventh heaven as artisan brand has plans to expand along the Costa del Sol

Chocoholics in seventh heaven as artisan brand has plans to expand along the Costa del Sol

La Pinocha, which offers more than 60 different varieties, has opened an outlet in Malaga city centre and plans two more on the coast, as well as a production plant in Casabermeja

Marina Martínez


Tuesday, 30 May 2023


Argentinian artisan chocolatier La Pinocha has just opened a store in Malaga which promises to be the new haven for the sweet-toothed in the city.

The temple for chocolate-lovers at 20 Calle Martinez offers more than 60 varieties with an Argentinian twist. "Malaga offers good conditions for entrepreneurship and, above all, for companies that add value," Ariel López, a partner of the company, said.

"A year ago, we decided to venture into Spain and treat it as the centre of Europe, replicating the same business format because there is no other product offer like ours,” he added. The company considers their brand to be different from others, giving them an edge to the competition and the confidence to continue opening stores.

They first opened in Spain in Alicante, and now have shown a commitment to Malaga. In the next three months they will open another two establishments in Marbella and Fuengirola. They have even set up their production plant in Casabermeja.

López said the company's plan is to end 2023 with at least eight franchises.

Sixty varieties

The company currently offers more than sixty varieties of chocolates, as well as other products and snacks. From chocolate on a stick or with almonds to medallions of bitter chocolate with dehydrated blueberries and, of course, those that are combined with the Argentine favourite: dulce de leche. For example, the Swiss, with a milk chocolate base, filled with dulce de leche and toasted nuts with a white chocolate top; or the mille-feuille with layers of dulce de leche and white chocolate.

Brainchild of two families

La Pinocha was born in Mar de las Pampas, the brainchild of two families who have been living in Villa Gesell (Buenos Aires, Argentina) for 40 years.

A paediatric doctor and a history teacher are behind its founding. Several trips led them to make contact with the world of artisan chocolate, where they then trained and started to develop many of the recipes that are still on the menu today.

Some time later, some of their children decided to take the project a step further and began the process of franchising the brand. Today they have more than thirty franchises in Argentina (city of Buenos Aires, province of Buenos Aires, Cordoba and Santa Fe) and three in Spain.

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