A team arrives to remove the body from the Torremolinos property last night (Tuesday). Photo: Salvador Salas / Video: Atlas

X-rays help locate body hidden between walls of Torremolinos flat that missing Sibora shared with ex-boyfriend Marco

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It was the fourth time police had visited the property after the Italian man told investigators he had walled up the body of his ex-girlfriend, who disappeared in 2014, while being investigated for the fatal stabbing of his most recent partner

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Wednesday, 7 June 2023, 10:59


It was the fourth time they had visited the property, a flat located in Calle García de la Serna, in the Calvario neighbourhood of Torremolinos. On the afternoon of Tuesday 6 June, National Police officers finally located a body behind a wall of the flat, as suspect Marco G. R. had stated. Everything suggests that the remains correspond to Sibora Gagani, his ex-partner, who has been missing since 2014.

Early in the afternoon, a discreet group of plainclothes police officers went to the house, where another couple now lives, to carry out a new search. The first, in which they drilled through walls and introduced micro-cameras, was unsuccessful. Now, thanks to new technical means, specifically an X-ray system, it has been possible to locate the wall where the body was. The corpse was found inside a wooden crate.

The wooden box police found behind a wall.
The wooden box police found behind a wall. CNP

On Tuesday night, the forensic doctor went to the flat to remove the body, which cannot be postively identified at the moment, various sources told SUR. DNA tests will be needed to confirm whether the body is that of the Italian-Albanian woman, who disappeared in July 2014 after breaking off her relationship with Marco.

Spontaneous statement

The police search stemmed from a spontaneous statement made by the Italian Marco at the police station, after being arrested for the crime of his last partner, Paula. On passing by the missing woman's poster, Marco blurted out that he had walled up Sibora's body.

"I want to cooperate because this is going to haunt me forever, like Marta del Castillo's," he told the officers when he saw the photo of his ex-girlfriend, SUR was told. He then said that the young woman was in the flat they shared, "buried in a wall". The suspect even offered to accompany the police there, although in the end he did not do so. The alleged murderer did not explicitly confess to having killed Sibora, but acknowledged that they had a fight and said: "I went too far with her".

He did not later formally ratify these statements before the police, in the presence of his lawyer, nor before the judicial authority. However, his spontaneous confession had enough weight for the judge investigating the case to open proceedings against Marco and order successive searches of the flat where they lived together between 2011 and 2014.

On Monday 22 May, around twenty police officers went to the flat, accompanied by the judicial commission. It is a flat divided into two floors and located in the centre of Torremolinos. They inspected each partition wall, used detectors and drilled different points of the property through which they introduced cameras in case human remains were hidden inside. The search ended without finding Sibora's body. The officers returned to the house on two more occasions and carried out new investigations without discovering the body.

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