Work on the new train station will resume later this month. / T.B.

Work to resume on new Torremolinos train station after years of delays

The town's mayor claimed that the project, which was accepted in 2018, was halted due to “false expectations” and "continual design changes" made by the previous council


Torremolinos town hall has announced that the works on the new train station in Plaza La Nogalera will be resumed on March 21, after almost three years of delays.

The town’s mayor, Margarita del Cid held a meeting on Wednesday with representatives from Renfe, local residents, traders and associations to explain how the work, which she claimed was halted due to “false expectations”, will progress over the coming months.

Continual design changes

The mayor blamed the delays on the “continual design changes” made by the previous council, adding; “If the initial project had been respected, the work would have ended years ago."

Del Cid said that Renfe has now promised to complete the bulk of the works by the end of June so that the station can open shortly after, although minor works are expected to continue until November.

"We have asked for speed so that the work is completed as soon as possible. The local residents and traders had not been told the truth and that is the last thing a municipal official should do," the mayor claimed.

The proposal to remodel the old train station was first announced in 2015, but this was rejected by the previous socialist council because it would still have caused problems for people with disabilities and would have compromised the evacuation of the station in an emergency situation.

The second proposal, which was accepted in 2018, was to build a new station complete with a lift to facilitate access to those with mobility difficulties.

The old train station had been a constant headache, not only for people with disabilities, but also for passengers carrying heavy luggage, golfing equipment and pushchairs.