The demolition of the beach bar. SUR
Well-known Costa del Sol beach bar and restaurant finally demolished after being squatted for seven years

Well-known Costa del Sol beach bar and restaurant finally demolished after being squatted for seven years

Benalmádena town hall took the eviction action on Carvajal beach, on the municipal border with Fuengirola, in compliance with a court ruling

Lorena Cádiz


Monday, 6 May 2024, 13:14


Chiringuito La Piedra, located in the municipality of Benalmádena on Carvajal beach, right on the border with Fuengirola, is now rubble. The wooden beach bar and restaurant, which was once fully operational, had been occupied since 2017 by one person, who had made it his habitual residence and even sold drinks there in the summer.

It was Spain's Directorate-General of Coasts authority which determined some years ago that the building did not comply with the regulations and "urged the local council to demolish it", according to the Benalmádena town hall in a statement issued on Friday. The same source explained that it had been involved in "a legal disagreement between the parties" for three years, which has finally been resolved through the courts. As a result, the ruling gave the green light for the demolition of the building, which has just been carried out.

The council clarified that before reaching this point there had been "attempts at dialogue" with the occupant, but no agreement was possible. With the forced eviction of this beach bar and its demolition therefore, there are now two eating areas that have been vacated in recent months in the Costa del Sol resort.

The case of La Perla

Last summer the town hall managed to clear La Perla beach bar, located next to the Holiday World hotel complex in Benalmádena. Following the departure of the concessionaire who operated the chiringuito, a squatter arrived to live there, but in that case the council managed to reach an agreement with the occupant without the need to resort to the courts.

In the case of La Perla, it was first thought that the demolition of the area would be necessary, but finally the town hall announced that the Costas authority did not consider it necessary and that the Junta de Andalucía had awarded the 30-year lease to the Peñarroya Group, owner of the Holiday World complex.

Coastal Path

With the demolition of the La Piedra beach bar, the progress of the coastal path between Fuengirola and Benalmádena is now unimpeded. Soon a 15 metre long and more than two metres wide wooden footbridge will be installed in the area, which will link the two municipalities for the first time via the beach, crossing the mouth of the El Jardín streambed, which marks the territorial boundary between the two towns. This footbridge, part of the Senda Litoral project, would have had one of its accesses in front of the beach bar which had been occupied until now.

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