El Cristo de Padilla in Torremolinos. L.C.
Torremolinos invests 41,000 euros in restoration of iconic mural of Christ

Torremolinos invests 41,000 euros in restoration of iconic mural of Christ

The imposing image known as El Cristo de Padilla, which was commissioned by the town hall in the early 1990s, has been completely renovated using pigments similar to the original

Lorena Cádiz

Monday, 7 August 2023, 21:41

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Torremolinos town hall has completed a project to restore one of its most iconic images, the imposing mural of a crucified Christ located in the centre of the town. Known locally as El Cristo de Padilla, in reference to the artist who created it, the mural, the correct title of which is Visión de una Realidad (Vision of a Reality), was commissioned by the council during the early 1990s.

Little documentation concerning the work is available, but it was one of the first murals commissioned in the town, which now has an impressive mural route that includes images of Frank Sinatra, John Lennon, Samuel L Jackson, Picasso and Camarón de la Isla, among others.

The colourful mural, which has an obvious similarity to the Christ of Saint John of the Cross by Salvador Dalí, was in desperate need of renovation due to its deterioration over the years. A report on the restoration project, which had a budget of 41,000 euros, noted that “cracks had been observed at a structural level and the pictorial layer presented loss of colour, which needed urgent intervention".

The work has consisted of cleaning the mural to remove dust and grime, filling cracks and restoring colour using pigments similar to the original, but with properties that will allow it to last longer. The mural has also been protected with a waterproof resin.

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