Councillor for Security, Javier Marín, is given a demonstration by the Eagle Unit in Benalmádena on Wednesday. / sur

New police unit in Benalmádena to use surveillance drones

The Eagle Unit will be the first in the province to work in coordination with the air traffic control centre at Malaga Airport


The Local Police of Benalmádena has introduced its new Eagle Unit, a detachment that will utilize two drones for the surveillance of its streets from the air. The unit, which will be the first in the province to work in coordination with the control centre at Malaga Airport, will use two drones for a variety of different actions, including surveillance at large events, the execution of urban inspection and to aid the emergency services during forest fires and traffic accidents.

Councillor for Security, Javier Marín and the chief of the Local Police of Benalmádena, Francisco Zamora, together with the agents that make up the new Eagle Unit, gave a special demonstration of the two surveillance drones’ capabilities in Benalmádena on Wednesday.

Aerial vantage points

The drones, one of which will be equipped with a thermal camera, will also allow law enforcement officers to monitor unfolding crime scenes more accurately and at a safer distance. They will allow officials to have a better vantage point during times of chaotic situations where deploying ground personnel is too risky. Aerial vantage points also allow post-accident scenes or crime scenes to be fully documented and reconstructed to help understand the timeline of events for each incident.

The town hall has made an investment of more than 14,000 euros to acquire the two drones, which will be able to fly at a height of up to two kilometres. However, to ensure the effectiveness of the camera and other accessories, the ideal hight would be between 60 and 100 metres.

“With the acquisition and implementation of this great resource, we have achieved two fundamental objectives: to improve the resolution of our actions by providing our interventions in emergencies with a tool with infinite possibilities. We will also be taking a very important step in the incorporation of new technologies into our daily work, which puts us at the forefront of local policing in the province,” the police chief said.