Signage installed by the Local Police at the entrance to the car park. SUR
Police move vehicles on from overcrowded motorhome parking area in Benalmádena

Police move vehicles on from overcrowded motorhome parking area in Benalmádena

Comments in forums and apps specialised in this type of tourism had attracted around 200 vehicles to an area set up for 29

Lorena Cádiz


Friday, 19 January 2024, 19:21

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Benalmádena Local Police have cleared vehicles from the caravan and motorhome parking area in Arroyo de la Miel which had become a victim of its own success. Located next to the well-known Parque de la Paloma, in a shady area, with little noise, close to the centre of the town and the beach, the parking area had become 'famous' among campers.

The Local Police said on Thursday that comments posted about the parking facilities in forums and apps specialising in this type of tourism had led to the arrival of more and more vehicles. Users mainly left good comments that attracted more motorhome travellers, although others mentioned disappointment at services that some apps claimed were supposedly provided in the area, such as a laundry area, although these have never existed.

Caravan tourism is regulated in Benalmádena by a local bylaw which authorises the stay of a maximum of 29 vehicles in the space provided for this purpose with a maximum stay of 72 hours. However, "at some points there have been as many as 200 vehicles of this type", said local councillor Raúl Campos.

In response to this, the police set up an operation in the area in which all the vehicles were identified, to ensure that the regulations are complied with and that the vehicles do not stay longer than permitted. The local authority has announced increased police presence in the area to "avoid overcrowding, possible security problems and ensure that all regulations are scrupulously complied with so that it can be accessible at all times to emergency medical vehicles such as ambulances or the fire brigade".

Municipal sources explained that new signage has been installed and users of these vehicles have been informed of their obligations. "The municipal intervention seeks to control the improper and unauthorised use of public space," they pointed out.

"We have to strike a balance so that this type of tourism can coexist with the day-to-day life of residents who have always used this recreational area for visits with their families," said Raúl Campos.

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