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Mayor pushes to promote Pride parade in Torremolinos as an event of Tourist Interest in Andalucía

Margarita del Cid said the parade is like the festival of the Virgen del Carmen, which already has the recognition, because of its "uniqueness" and "social impact"


Torremolinos' first Pride parade was held in 2015. By 2019, it was attracting thousands of people. On 14 February the town’s mayor Margarita del Cid said the council will apply for a Declaration of Tourist Interest in Andalucía for the event given its level of popularity.

"As has been done with the festival of the Virgen del Carmen, we have begun to work so that the Pride parade is declared an event of tourist interest, because we believe that it has the roots, the uniqueness and the social repercussions to be worthy of this celebration. From the impulse that diversity groups give as a date to claim equality, involving Torremolinos and visitors,” she said.

"The diversity of Torremolinos, which combines these types of contrasts in its idiosyncrasy, is one of our great values," she added.

Del Cid, who participated in a press conference together with the Councillor for Events, José Manuel Ruiz, and the president of Acogat, Nacho Martínez, also took the opportunity to present the fifth edition of the Drag Queen Gala, which will be held on 18 February in the Torremolinos Auditorium at 8pm.

The event is "one more important facet to the Torremolinos Carnival which is gradually gaining an identity and making a dent in the calendar of parties and major events in our city. With the Drag Queen Gala, we will surely have full streets, terraces and hotels again,” del Cid added.