Trudi Jahren, head of the Norwegian school, and Víctor Navas, mayor of Benalmadena, together at the Constitution Day celebrations. / ALEKK M. SAANDERS

Local Norwegians celebrate the country's Constitution Day in Benalmádena

Dozens, including children and teachers from the local Norwegian school, gathered in the streets of the town to celebrate the occasion


Dozens gathered on the streets of Benalmádena this 17 May to celebrate Norway's annual National Day, an occasion that remembers the signing of the country's constitution in 1814.

Among those present were the mayor of Benalmádena, Víctor Navas, as well as children and teachers from the local Norwegian school and the Spanish Jacaranda school.

Norway and Spain flags were waved, while some children dressed up in traditional Norwegian clothing.

After both the countries' national anthems were played by the marching band, the mayor and Trude Jahren, the school's head teacher, said a few words to mark the occasion.

"The absence of serious conflicts here in our small community makes it easy to forget that freedom isn't something apparent to many people," said Jahren, head of Den Norske Skolen. "We want to direct our thoughts to Ukraine today."

Jahren thanked the marching band for playing their traditional songs well, and the police and local politicians for their year-on-year presence. Moreover, she said that it's not just about celebrating National Day, but to remember people's freedom across the globe.

After the parade, activities moved on into the school.