The recovered pistol and cash. CNP
Four police officers injured on the Costa del Sol while arresting man wanted in connection with fatal fire

Four police officers injured on the Costa del Sol while arresting man wanted in connection with fatal fire

The fugitive produced a firearm when he was surprised by the National Police’s Organised Crime Investigation Group officers at a fuel station in Torremolinos



Wednesday, 1 February 2023, 10:41


National Police officers on the Costa del Sol have arrested a dangerous fugitive in Torremolinos who was wanted by French authorities under a European Arrest and Surrender Warrant, related to a fire in a residential building in France in which two people died.

The arrest took place on 23 January when officers from the force’s Organised Crime Investigation Group - UDYCO Torremolinos - spotted the fugitive, along with a companion, at a fuel station on Avenida Manuel Fraga Iribarne, in the Costa del Sol town, according to a statement from the police.

After being discovered, they tried to flee on foot and, when the police officers tried to cut them off, the main suspect grabbed a pistol that he had concealed in a bag. Four officers were injured during the arrest - although not by the firearm.

The police seized a pistol, a magazine with eight hollow point cartridges, several identity documents with signs of having been tampered with, and 3,410 euros in cash - including fake notes - among other things. The pair were arrested for their alleged involvement in the crimes of assault on authority, illegal possession of weapons, false documents and fake currency.

Fatal fire

The 25-year-old fugitive had a European Arrest and Surrender Warrant against his name and is alleged to be responsible for causing a fire that destroyed a residential building located in the French region of Verdons Courchevel, where 46 people were injured and hospitalised, two of whom died. According to the judicial papers, the wanted man threatened his former partner with burning the building down after she decided to break off the relationship.

The proceedings are now in the hands of the Investigating Court number 2 of Torremolinos.

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