Torremolinos announces that the town's famous flamenco festival will be free to attend this year

Torremolinos announces that the town's famous flamenco festival will be free to attend this year

The XXXIII edition of the festival will be held in the town’s bullring on Friday 10 September and will present some of flamenco’s most celebrated performers

Tony Bryant

Wednesday, 17 August 2022, 15:46

Torremolinos town hall has announced that the XXXIII edition of its fanous flamenco festival will be held in the Plaza de Toros on Saturday 10 September.

For the first time in its long history, entrance to the festival, which begins at 10pm, will be free until full capacity.

Details of the festival were revealed by councillor for Culture, Francisco García Macías, who was accompanied by local flamenco guitarist, Luis El Salao, who said it will be “a great honour” to perform at the festival again.

As in previous years, the line up of performers will include some of today’s most revered singers, guitarists and dancers. These will include El Granaino, who, as he name suggests, was born in Granada. This talented singer, who possesses what is termed a ‘voz afilla’ – a raucous bronze-toned voice - has been one of the main crowd pullers at many of the festivals that have so far taken place in Andalucía throughout the summer.

Gypsy singer

He will be joined by Antonio Reyes, a Gypsy singer from Cádiz who belongs to a long line of illustrious singers; and Luisa Muñoz, a singer who was born in France in 1977 and who has since gained a reputation for her bulerias and festive styles of flamenco.

The dance will be supplied by El Cuadro Festero, a flamenco troupe from Algeciras consisting of Perico Pañero and José Pañero, with special guest artist, Remache de Málaga.

Celebrated Torremolinos guitarists Oscar Barrio and Antonio El Patrocino will also perform at the festival.



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