The car boot loaded with bales of hashish. / SUR

Drug trafficker arrested at A-7 service station after running low on fuel

Four bales of hashish, with a black market value of around 250,000 euros, were found in the boot of the car when it was searched by undercover officers in Benalmádena


A man who was putting fuel into a vehicle at a service station on the A-7, near Benalmádena, aroused the suspicions of police officers. He seemed elusive, it was as if he was nervous about something and in a hurry and therefore, an undercover National Police patrol decided to intervene. And the officers’ intuition did not fail them, since the car boot was found to be loaded with four bales of hashish.

It happened a week ago, at around 8pm, when a middle-aged man of North African origin arrived at the service station and got out of the vehicle, a silver-grey Volkswagen Touran. His nervous disposition soon drew the attention of the two plainclothes officers in an unmarked vehicle.

When they approached the man and revealed they were police, the male ran off, jumped a crash barrier and entered a wooded area. But the police team were hot on his heels and they soon found and captured him.

When the officers later inspected the vehicle that the man had left behind at the service station, they found four bales of hashish in the boot, with a black market value in excess of 250,000 euros.

The man was taken taken into custody and now faces drug-trafficking charges.