The lake in Parque de La Batería, in Torremolinos, with a capacity 4.5 million litres. J. R. C.
Drought puts an end to boat trips in Costa del Sol park as lake is emptied to water gardens
Drought crisis

Drought puts an end to boat trips in Costa del Sol park as lake is emptied to water gardens

Torremolinos is to use water from the boating lake in Parque la Batería for irrigation of trees and plants in the town

José Rodríguez Cámara


Friday, 19 January 2024, 18:53


The rowing boats in Parque de La Batería in Torremolinos are out of action again, just a few months after the boating lake was reopened in October last year. First is was the pandemic that put an end to the boat trips in 2020 and now it is the drought crisis, which has led the town hall to decide to use the water in the artificial lake for more urgent needs. The 4,500 cubic metres, or 4.5 million litres, stored in the lake will be used for "emergency irrigation of trees or other plant species of special interest", the authority has said.

The water will be pumped out of the lake into tanker trucks used by the local authority for irrigation. The measure has been in force since Wednesday, and will remain for as long as the water crisis demands. What is clear is that, if the millions of litres of water in the lake were to run out, and water reserves in the area remain at a minimum, the boating lake will remain empty.

A municipal bylaw brought in in November last year establishes that, as a result of the lack of water reserves, the washing down of streets, pavements and façades, public or private, is banned, unless authorised for health reasons. There are also restrictions on the watering of gardens, parks and sports areas, public or private. Under no circumstances may water suitable for human consumption be used for this purpose, and it is forbidden to fill or refill private swimming pools, use public showers and drinking fountains, or to wash cars, except in authorised establishments that have water recycling and recirculation systems. Water from hydrants may not be used without express written authorisation from the water company or the town halll, except in the event of fire.

Despite the bans, Torremolinos, for the moment, has not been affected by other drought measures that have been implemented in towns such as Rincón de la Victoria, where there are nighttime water cuts, or Fuengirola, where water pressure is reduced at night.

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