The young man and his girlfriend were known to the police. / sur

18-year-old arrested in Torremolinos for threatening a shop assistant with gun after stealing a case of drinks

The suspect is said to have produced the weapon from a bag after being chased into the street and pulled the trigger several times


Police in Torremolinos have detained an 18-year-old man for allegedly threatening a supermarket employee with a gun when he chased the youth into the street after seeing him leave without paying for a case of alcoholic drinks.

The incident occurred at 8.25pm on 30 July. The suspect is said to have grabbed the box and run out of the store, but the staff member saw what had happened and chased him into the street. At that point the youth reportedly produced a revolver from a small bag and pulled the trigger several times, although it failed to fire.

Scared by the gun, the employee let him go, but went to Torremolinos police headquarters to report the incident. The next day officers went to the shop to inspect footage from the security cameras and immediately recognised the person in question and a younger girl, 15, who is believed to be his girlfriend and had stolen a mobile phone earlier. Both were known to the police due to previous offences.

After making enquiries, the police managed to find out where the young man was and two plain clothes officers went in an unmarked car to arrest him. When they showed him their ID, he handed over the stolen phone but said he didn’t know where his girlfriend was. He also denied the shop assistant's version of events, saying no gun had been involved.