Councillor for Culture Francisco García announces the meeting. / SUR

Local choirs come together in Torremolinos for international choral meeting

The event will take place in the San Miguel Church and present choirs from Rincón de la Victoria, Malaga and Torremolinos, as well a special performance by the Norwegian choir, Tarrakarrain

Tony Bryant

As part of the agenda of cultural events organised to precede the Feria de San Miguel Arcángel, Torremolinos will host the Encuentro Internacional de Corales, a meeting that will bring together choirs from all over the province.

The event will take place in the San Miguel Church from 7.30pm on Friday 16 September and will be hosted by the Coral de Torremolinos, a chorus that was founded in 1984.

The participating choirs, all of which will be directed by Rosana Dalmaso, will include El Castillo from Rincón de la Victoria; the choir of the College of Physicians of Malaga (COM), and the Torremolinos Gospel Choir, among others

There will also be a special performance by the Tarrakarrain choir, a chorus from Norway that represents the Scandinavian melancholic sound for which the male choirs of this area are known.

Created in 2005, this choir set a world record for the deepest underground concert, which took place in the Eiksund Tunnel, 287 metres below sea level.

“It is a great joy to be able to count on such professional voices in this special meeting in Torremolinos,” councillor for Culture, Francisco García, said.