Work began on the new access path this week. SUR
Long-awaited work to improve access to Carvajal beach begins

Long-awaited work to improve access to Carvajal beach begins

It will cost 260,000 euros and take three months to complete, according to Benalmádena town hall

Tony Bryant


Wednesday, 25 January 2023, 14:29


Benalmádena town hall has announced that the long-awaited work to facilitate access to Carvajal beach for people with reduced mobility has begun this week.

The work, which has an investment of 260,000 euros and an execution period of three months, has been undertaken to replace the “complicated accessibility” to the beach via the steep steps, or the underpass which runs under the Avenida del Sol.

The town’s mayor, Víctor Navas explained that the works will consist of the creation of a 200-metre wooden path that will allow “everyone to access this beach comfortably”. The beach will also include new services like amphibian chairs, and toilets and showers adapted for those will mobility restrictions.

Navas said that more than 40 trees of various species will be planted in the area, in addition to a new lighting network “that will also contribute to the value of the beach”.

“Until now, access to this beach was only possible for people in wheelchairs through the underpass. With this project, we continue to move towards the goal we set ourselves of making all the beaches of Benalmádena accessible to people with reduced mobility,” the mayor said.

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