The police were patrolling in the Calle Nogalera area. / Sur

Man carrying a gun arrested in Torremolinos after police chase

The officers became suspicious of the 34-year-old's behaviour when they came across him in the street very late at night


Police in Torremolinos recently arrested a man whose behaviour raised their suspicions when they came across him hanging around in the street very late at night and who fled when they asked to see what was inside the bag he was carrying.

The incident occurred last Thursday, 19 May, about one o’clock in the morning. The police were in plain clothes and they spotted the man as they were patrolling in Calle Casablanca. His behaviour attracted their attention: he seemed nervous and appeared to be waiting for something

When they approached him, the suspect admitted at first that he had some hashish on him and he handed it over to the officers. But then, when they asked to see his identification and the contents of the bag he was carrying, he fled.

The police set off in pursuit and, when they had almost caught up with him, the man hurled his bag onto the balcony of a first-floor hotel room in Calle Nogalera.


Seconds later, the officers had caught him. One of them went back and climbed up to the hotel balcony to retrieve the bag. Once back on the ground, they opened it and found that it contained a pistol with its serial number erased.

There were also 11 nine-millimetre bullets wrapped in parts of a rubber glove, and two small bags containing cocaine. The man, who is 34, was arrested and remanded in custody pending a court appearance.