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Local diver rescues driver of car that plunged 30 metres into the sea following accident in Benalmádena

The vehicle careered off a small cliff in the Torremuelle area and somersaulted five or six times before landing upside down in the water, after a collision with a private hire car at a roundabout

Juan Cano


Thursday, 4 July 2024, 18:42

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There has been a dramatic accident in Benalmádena on the western strip of the Costa del Sol. A car has plunged off a cliff in the Torremuelle area after colliding with a private hire vehicle. The car was left upside down on the rocks of the shoreline, with the roof submerged in the water. The car landed just 20 metres from a diver, who was the person who rescued the driver from the vehicle.

The accident happened at around 11am this Thursday (4 July) at the roundabout between Avenida del Sol and the Costa del Sol road. According to the first investigations, a BMW vehicle belonging to a ride-hailing company collided with a Ford, which was thrown off the road and fell some 30 metres. After five or six somersaults, it ended up in the sea.

Fortunately, at the time of the accident, a Benalmádena resident in his 40s who is a scuba diver, was on the beach. When it happened he was snorkelling and taking photographs of the seabed some 20 metres from the place where the car had landed. Faced with the situation, he swam to the scene.


The diver reached inside the passenger compartment to feel for the occupant and a hand grabbed him. He was the one who rescued the driver and, according to sources, probably saved his life, as it would have been difficult for him to get out of the car due to his injuries and the disorientation caused by the accident.

The Benalmádena town hall lifeguard service sent a Zodiac boat to the scene to transfer the victim to a nearby beach, where he was attended to by 061 ambulance staff. The man, in his 50s, was taken to hospital with a guarded prognosis. Initially his life was not believed to be in danger, although sources were cautious about his injuries due to the fact that the car somersaulted several times.

The investigation by the Benalmádena Local Police force will now focus on clarifying who was responsible for the accident. The location of the car - which has not yet been retrieved - does not help either, as it has not yet been possible to complete the visual inspection of, which has already involved the use of drones.

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