Street vending on Benalmádena's seafront promenade L. Cádiz
Benalmádena's traders demand that people who buy from 'looky looky' men should be fined

Benalmádena's traders demand that people who buy from 'looky looky' men should be fined

The town's retailers claim that purchasing from the illegal street vendors 'constitutes a crime' and are calling on the local council to impose sanctions

Lorena Cádiz


Monday, 8 April 2024


Benalmádena traders and business owners are calling on the town hall to fine people who purchase goods from illegal street vendors this summer.

It comes as the Association of Traders and Businessmen of Benalmádena (ACEB) estimated the losses illegal street vending generates among their businesses, mainly in the coastal and Puerto Marina areas, to be between 20-30%. They're calling for "control" measures that go beyond "the spectacle of the police running along the promenade after them", said ACEB president Rosa María González. "We don't want this situation to happen, far from it, it is important to have police presence, but this cannot be stopped with force, we need other types of dissuasive measures," she said.

One of these measures could be to impose fines on those who buy from illegal street vendors, and by that "we mean those who sell on the blanket, those who offer massages on the beach or those who sell things on the sand," González pointed out.

"Illegal street vending is a crime and not only those who have to run away when they see the police, those who buy are also contributing to it," said González, who in a recent meeting with Benalmádena mayor Juan Antonio Lara and other town hall members and the ACEB board, demanded the council start issuing fines. "It seems the council is in favour and sees it as feasible," González said after the meeting.

ACEB will soon be launching an awareness campaign on the issue aimed at both tourists and residents. "We want to inform them of what illegal sales mean and what they contribute to if they buy from them: loss of jobs, collaboration with mafias, lower quality of products," González said. The organisation is planning to create brochures, translate them into several languages and distribute them to hotels throughout the municipality.

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