Councillor for Culture, E. Pablo Centella and Ukrainian author, Valeria Kiselova. / SUR

Benalmádena town hall continues to help Ukrainian children adapt to their new surroundings

A group of Ukrainian children will be given a tour of the municipal library, during which, each child be issued with a membership card as part of the joint project with the Red Cross to offer them Spanish classes

Tony Bryant

A group of Ukrainian children that have recently arrived in Benalmádena from their war-torn country will be given a tour of the municipal library as part of the town hall’s plan to help them adapt to their new environment.

Organised by the Delegation of Culture and Education, with the support of the Red Cross, the children will each receive a membership card to enable them to enjoy the vast selection of books the library offers.

The council and the Red Cross have also launched an initiative that will offer Spanish classes for the children, which the town hall say is an “essential aspect to develop their daily life in our town”.

The Ukrainian author of children's literature, Valeria Kiselova, who lives in Benalmádena, will participate in the visit by reading some of her stories.

“We will organise a fun activity in the children’s own language so that they have a good time,” the author said.

“Both the staff of the library and the Delegation of Culture and Education have organised this visit with special care and affection. In collaboration with the Red Cross, we have also launched Spanish classes for these Ukrainian children, thus facilitating their adaptation,” councillor for Culture, E. Pablo Centella, added.

The first refugees who began arriving in Benalmádena are relatives of residents of Ukrainian origin, the majority of which are children.

The town hall’s website offers a section dedicated to information on ways to help the Ukrainian people.