Town hall announces campaign to protect insectivorous birds. / SUR

Benalmádena launches initiative for conservation and protection of swallows and swifts

The council campaign will promote several actions in the Costa del Sol town, including the installation of nesting boxes on public buildings

Tony Bryant

Benalmádena town hall has announced the launch of a campaign for the conservation and protection of insectivorous birds, in particular, swallows and the common swift.

The initiative will reinforce the current campaign carried out by the association Ecologists in Action, whose objective is to draw attention to the benefits that these birds have for the natural environment and humans, since they feed on insects and therefore represent a natural form of pest control, especially diseases transmitted by mosquitoes.

Insectivorous birds, represented by more than 6,000 species, are found across the world in all major land ecosystems. The fact that they are extremely useful as natural enemies of herbivorous insects has been known for some time.


Swifts catch mosquitoes during flight and they eat an average of 18,000 a day. However, these bird colonies are currently endangered by the lack of food due to the use of insecticides and a shortage of suitable places to build their nests. They are also suffering due to the climate change that affects their migratory cycles and the possibility of finding water.

The initiative will promote several actions, including the installation of nesting boxes on public buildings. The town hall has stressed that the destruction and elimination of their nests is sanctioned by the Law of Wild Flora and Fauna of Andalucía, with fines ranging from 600 to 60,000 euros.

The project was announced by the councillor for the Environment, Joaquín Villazón, who said: “Every spring, this species makes its appearance in the town, enriching our environment and nesting on the facades and roofs of homes and other buildings. The survival these birds, which are protected species, will require a clear commitment to this objective.”