The councillor for Culture and the Mayor of Benalmádena inaugurate the new centre. / SUR

Benalmádena reveals its Roman heritage with opening of new interpretation centre

The History Centre of Benalmádena, which is located next to the Roman site of Los Molinillos, was opened by the town’s mayor, Víctor Navas

Tony Bryant

The History Centre of Benalmádena opened its doors to the public on Thursday, a new facility that will focus on the town’s history, especially its Roman heritage.

The interpretation centre, which is located next to the Roman site of Los Molinillos (Avenida Antonio Machado), was opened by the town’s mayor, Víctor Navas, who said that it would be highly beneficial to students and researchers interested in the town’s Roman legacy.

“For years, we have all passed by this site of great archaeological value and we have thought how wasted it was: we have been sensitive to this situation and we have strived to make this center of history and archaeological interpretation a reality today,” the mayor declared.

The facility cost 474,940 euros and was financed by a grant from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sports of the Junta de Andalucía (274,940 euros), and the town hall (200,000 euros).

The centre, which has a series of walkways and viewpoints that facilitates the viewing of the Los Molinillos archaeological site, opened with a temporary exhibition, The Villas of Benalmádena Romana, which focuses on the two main sites in the municipality, Benalroma and Torremuelle.

The Los Molinillos site was unearthed during a proposed development project more than 20 years ago, but plans were halted when the importance of the site became apparent. It is one of Benalmádena's most important Roman sites and includes the remains of an industrial zone used for the production of olive oil, along with an old fish salting factory.

“This is how we expand the cultural attraction to our tourist package, to continue advancing in the conversion of Benalmádena into the cultural capital of the Costa del Sol”, councillor for Culture, E. Pablo Centella, said.