Part of the remodelled stretch of road in Benalmádena. SUR
Benalmádena road gets major makeover to improve traffic flow

Benalmádena road gets major makeover to improve traffic flow

A fourth lane has been added to Avenida del Cosmos, while footpaths with benches have been created and trees have been planted



Friday, 23 December 2022, 12:18


The works were long overdue and have finally come to an end. The Avenida del Cosmos is one of Benalmádena's main thoroughfares in terms of traffic volume. It runs from the entrance to the town, at kilometre 222 from the motorway, to the Marifé de Triana roundabout, which connects with Avenida del Tívoli and leaves in its wake, among others, the Cudeca Foundation and the iconic Las Bolas roundabout.

It is one of the roads in the town with the highest volume of traffic and which was desperately in need of improvement. The works had a budget of close to one million euros and began last May, finishing within the planned time of six months.

Without a doubt, the most important part of the works is the creation of a fourth lane, which is already in operation.

The second downhill lane towards Benalmádena is intended to help ease traffic congestion, especially at peak times. Drivers who frequent the area will be grateful, as this has always been a 'black spot' in terms of traffic jams.

"We are very satisfied with the final result: we are already seeing that there are no more traffic jams of any kind at this junction, and the work has contributed greatly to improving this access," said the municipal councillor for Roads and Public Works, Joaquín Villazón.

New footpaths with benches, have also been added. In addition, numerous trees have been planted in the area to replace the ones that had to be removed at the start of the project.

There is however one part of the plan that will have to wait: the burying of the high voltage line at the entrance to Arroyo de la Miel. Approval for the corresponding licences is still outstanding.

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