A memorial service held at the jachktar in the Parque Batería earlier this year. / SUR

Torremolinos recognises 24 April as the Day of the Armenian Genocide

Independent councillor Nicolás de Miguel, said that the day would serve “as an act of memory, dignity and justice towards these people”

Tony Bryant

The last council plenary session of the year in Torremolinos approved a declaratory motion to recognise April 24 as the Day of the Armenian Genocide, despite the abstentions of the independent councillor, Lucía Cuín, and the Vox councillor, Josefa Soto, along with a vote against by Unidas Podemos councillor, David Tejeiro.

The motion was presented by the independent councillor Nicolás de Miguel, who claimed that the day would serve “as an act of memory, dignity and justice towards these people”.

The councillor said that a social and human tribute should be held next to the jachktar (commemorative stone cross) in the Parque Batería on this date each year.

De Miguel argued that a town like Torremolinos, which has Armenian residents, should commemorate the systematic destruction of the Armenian people, which took place in the Ottoman Empire during WWI.

“It must remain engraved in the memory of humanity, and Torremolinos must not be left behind in cultural diplomacy: it is therefore correct to institutionalise this act,” De Miguel said.

The mass murder in the Syrian Desert of around one million Armenians, and the forced conversion to Islam of approximately 150,000 women and children, was spearheaded by the ruling Committee of Union and Progress party (CUP).