One of the divers taking part in the day's activities pulls a bottle from the seabed. SUR
2,000 kilos of rubbish cleaned from seabed at Benalmádena's Puerto Marina

2,000 kilos of rubbish cleaned from seabed at Benalmádena's Puerto Marina

The Costa del Sol resort wants to turn the annual clean-up event in the area into a Guinness World Record-breaker

Lorena Cádiz


Tuesday, 5 December 2023


The waters of Benalmádena's marina were the scene this weekend of the twentieth ecology day, when around 70 divers and environmental volunteers helped clean up the seabed of the Levante dock. This year, according to figures from organisers Club Buceo Benalmádena, around 2,000 kilos of rubbish was collected thanks to the participation of more than thirty volunteers and a similar number of divers. Among other objects and waste pulled out of the water was a fishing speargun.

To round off the day, three prizes were awarded: one for the most polluting object, which went to the person who found a battery on the seabed; the prize for the most original find went to the person who picked up a pair of binoculars; while the prize for the largest items went to the finders of two lorry tyres, which had been thrown into the sea.

The president of Club Buceo Benalmádena, Manuel Crespo, highlighted the traditional initiative, which has been running for two decades and is a preliminary step to the subsequent application for the blue flag. The day aims to raise awareness of the importance of keeping this environment clean and cared for, although Crespo himself acknowledged that given the amount of waste collected, it is still very necessary.

What's more, Club Buceo Benalmádena, together with the town hall, now want to go one step further and beat a Guinness world record. The idea is to set up an initiative capable of attracting more than 200 people to Benalmádena marina for another thorough cleaning session of the seabed, in a day of four or five hours, which will go down in the history of the town.

The day concluded with a talk on photography and the environment by Rafael Fernández, world champion in underwater photography with the Spanish national team and president of FEDAS Image Committee, who is based in Benalmádena.

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