Engineers worked through the night to reestablish the water supply / sur

Water pipe fixed for 7,000 Vélez-Málaga residents but supply still “precarious”

Aqualia worked through the night to re-establish the service through a provisional pipeline, although the definitive solution requires coordination between the town hall, Junta de Andalucía and Ministry for Transport

Eugenio Cabezas

After going 24 hours without drinking water when a pipe burst in Valle Niza during yesterday’s storms, around 7,000 residents in Vélez-Málaga have been reconnected to the supply.

Approximately 40 metres of pipe was damaged in the area near the Valle Niza camp site and the problem affected residents there as well as in Chilches and Benajarafe. Aqualia managed to reconnect the homes at around 5am on Wednesday morning, 6 April, using a provisional pipeline, after working through the night.

"A very precarious bypass"

However, this solution has been described in a statement from Aqualia as "a very precarious bypass" and the company fears that if there are further storms, consequences for the water service "will be even worse.”

The company said that a definitive solution would require major works to change the route along which the 500 millimetre diameter pipe runs, or to build a breakwater to protect it. "These works, as they take place on the coastline and affect the road, require coordination between the town hall, the Junta de Andalucía and the Ministry for Transport to provide a robust and permanent solution to the problem," they argued.


Olga Rodríguez, spokesperson for the Benajarafe and Chilches residents’ platform, explained that although the service was restored in the early hours of the morning, some residents still had no water and others had very low water pressure.

"This is already the second breakage in the area for the same reason, and there are more areas where the pipe has been left uncovered. The local residents are worried and fed up, there is a need for investment in infrastructure throughout the area,” Rodríguez explained.