Rubbish left on a beach after a previous San Juan night SUR
Vélez-Málaga launches competition to keep the beaches clean during San Juan

Vélez-Málaga launches competition to keep the beaches clean during San Juan

Prizes will be awarded in a draw to people who can demonstrate that they have deposited their litter in the correct bins

Jennie Rhodes

Tuesday, 21 June 2022, 08:33


Vélez-Málaga town hall has launched a photograph competition in an effort to keep its beaches clean during Thursday night's San Juan festivities.

Councillor for beaches, Jesús Pérez Atencia, said: "This is a contest in which participants must photograph their space on the beach with a picture of before and after, in order to promote cleanliness and waste collection on this night. There will be a raffle of gifts such as mobile phones, smart home devices and more."

Perez Atencia encouraged "participation and that we are all aware of the importance of collecting waste on our beaches on San Juan night, where the bonfires and family gatherings and friends proliferate on the coast".

Before and after photos

The councillor for new technologies, Juan Carlos Muñoz, explained that to take part in the competition, it’s important to download the Gecor Vélez-Málaga app which is free and can be installed from the Play Store or App Store by searching for the word GECOR.

Inside the app there is an icon labelled Concurso Noche de San Juan. (Competition San Juan night) which explains the rules and prizes available in the raffle.

Muñoz explained that participants must “upload two photos. The first one in the button 'the beach during the party', which will be an image showing your space. The second 'after the party', which will be an image of the same space showing that the beach is clean and all rubbish has been collected and deposited in its corresponding container."

Three prizes will be drawn randomly on the morning of Monday, 27 June.


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