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Vélez-Málaga priest arrested for alleged sexual assault

Vélez-Málaga priest arrested for alleged sexual assault

Investigators have located five victims, who were allegedly sedated and filmed during the assaults, and police believe there could be more in Malaga, Cordoba and Melilla

Juan Cano


Monday, 25 September 2023


A priest has been arrested in Vélez-Málaga for allegedly sexually assaulting women he knew while on trips with groups of friends. The suspect is believed to have allegedly sedated women in order to sexually assault them and recorded the attack on video.

Investigators involved in the case believe that the assaults went on for years and have identified five victims, although they believe that there could be more in Malaga, Melilla and Cordoba, where the suspect has also lived.

The investigation began in August when a woman reported to the Family and Women's Care Unit (UFAM) in Melilla that she had found a hard drive in the home she shared with her partner containing photographs and videos showing several half-naked girls who were either asleep or under the effects of a sedative, with a man performing sexual acts on them.

Investigators observed that in some of the videos the man appeared to be performing and recording sexual acts on different women in a state of unconsciousness.

The agents have managed to identify five victims who said they were unaware of the existence of the recordings and who, moreover, were not even aware of having been victims of sexual assault. According to the police investigations, the detainee had allegedly given the victims a sedative so that he could assault them.

The investigation revealed that the assaults had been carried out over a number of years and in different locations, with the suspect taking advantage of trips made with his group of friends, who would have probably known nothing about the assaults.

The officers had a warrant to search the suspect’s house where technological material was seized, which is still awaiting analysis. The man has been remanded in custody.

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