Torrox's Christmas lights didn't go on until last Friday / e. cabezas

Torrox town hall faces criticism over delays to Christmas lights switch-on

Mayor Óscar Medina said it was "a cost-saving measure due to the price of electricity" before they were finally lit last Friday

Eugenio Cabezas

Controversy has flared up in Torrox over the Christmas lights, which were only switched on last Friday, 17 December, in time for the Migas day on Sunday 19. However, the town hall faced criticism as the vast majority of towns and villages in the province had already had their lights up in the main streets and squares for several weeks.

The main opposition party, the PSOE, lashed out last week in a statement against the PP government team and especially against the mayor, Óscar Medina, for what they considered "an unjustified delay", making Torrox "the last municipality on the Costa del Sol, and one of the last in Spain, to switch on the Christmas lights."

The mayor responded to the criticism by saying that the lights would be "the most spectacular in Torrox's history," with an investment of almost double that of previous years, up to 220,000 euros. In addition, he said that delaying the lighting until last Friday would allow the town hall to save on the electricity bill due to rising prices. "We are paying the price of electricity at the price of gold, 600 per cent more expensive than a year ago," said Medina.

Opposition councillor Mari Nieves Ramírez responded to the decision to delay saying, "The installation of the Christmas lights is going to cost the same to switch on the lights on 17 December as if we had done it two or three weeks ago, like most of our neighbours. The big difference is that while the rest of the towns on the Costa del Sol have had their own atmosphere for these dates that encourages economic activity in trade and hospitality and generates a friendlier atmosphere in our streets, in Torrox we are paying for lights that are off," she argued.