Medina and Moreno look at a computer image of what the plaza will look like SUR
Axarquía town announces plans to remodel historic centre, but the iconic umbrellas will stay

Axarquía town announces plans to remodel historic centre, but the iconic umbrellas will stay


Thirteen years after the previous reforms to Torrox Pueblo, the town hall has received funding from Malaga's provincial authority to modernise Plaza de la Constitución

Eugenio Cabezas

Wednesday, 1 March 2023


Mayor of Torrox Óscar Medina and the councillor for Contracts Paula Moreno presented last Friday, 24 February, a project to modernise Plaza de la Constitución in Torrox pueblo. «We will recover the charm of our square and enhance the value of the historic centre,» said Medina.

Medina said that it was «important» to have a square on which to celebrate important local festivals, like the annual fair and migas day. The plans also include the integration of Plaza de la Constitución and the Plaza Agustín Gálvez and the church, making it a single square and giving «the entrance to the church of Our Lady of the Incarnation the sobriety it deserves».

Medina went on to say that the project will give unity to the town centre, adding to the conservation and remodelling work already carried out to the municipal market, and the future museum which is to be housed in the old customs house, which will be accessible from Calle Salvador Muñoz.

Iconic umbrellas to stay

«A stately square that will be wider, with more space, more enjoyable and that will make more people come to our historic centre,» said Medina, noting also that the colourful umbrellas, «which have already become a symbol of Torrox will be integrated with more modern structures.»

Underground parking in La Rabitilla, Avenida Esperanto, El Morche and El Polin promenades are also planned, which is intended to replace spaces that will be lost in order to semi-pedestrianise the square. The contribution of the Malaga's provincial authority, the Diputación, will be 252,202 euros and the town hall will contribute 63,527.70 euros.

Councillor Paula Moreno pointed out that the work planned consists of a minimally invasive intervention, through the reorganisation of spaces; renewing and updating the street furniture while proposing a change and improvement of the pavement to be able to semi-pedestrianise the square.

The existing orange trees will be replaced and other trees will be planted to provide shade in different areas of the square. The existing grilles of the fountain in the square will be replaced by others whose openings will allow the safe transit of pedestrians, especially children, through the fountain.

Plaza Agustín Gálvez will be semi-pedestrianised and street furniture will be installed to allow a visual connection between the Plaza de la Constitución with the entrance to the town and the Church, also improving its accessibility.

Critical of the renovation works carried out by the previous town hall team, Medina said, «We are returning to give the importance and vitality that the square and the historic centre deserves, to revitalise our businesses and our centre.»

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