Sayalonga is one of the villages included in the Axarquía's sustainable transport plan. E. Cabezas
The Axarquía looks towards sustainable transport solutions

The Axarquía looks towards sustainable transport solutions

Malaga’s provincial authority has held a meeting with town hall staff and councillors in 27 villages in the east of Malaga area

Eugenio Cabezas


Wednesday, 24 May 2023, 16:48


Sustainable transport is on the agenda for the 27 villages in the Costa del Sol’s Axarquía area with fewer than 20,000 inhabitants. Staff at Malaga's provincial authority, the Diputación, held an on-line meeting with staff and politicians earlier this week to discuss the plans.

According to a statement issued by the Diputación, there are a number of benefits to the plan "from the environmental and mobility point of view” and also “from the economic perspective, being able to access existing and future European funds”.

The public company Tragsatec has been contracted to draw up the plans, for which it has been given a budget of 252,404 euros to draw up the plans with a view to planning, programming and coordinating the public transport needs of each of the villages included in the project.

Citizen consultation

The places to be analysed are: Árchez, Alcaucín, Alfarnate, Alfarnatejo, Algarrobo, Almáchar, Arenas, Benamargosa, Benamocarra, Canillas de Albaida, Canillas de Aceituno, Colmenar, Comares, Cómpeta, Cútar, El Borge, Frigiliana, Iznate, La Viñuela, Macharaviaya, Moclinejo, Periana, Riogordo, Salares, Sayalonga, Sedella and Totalán.

Each plan is a basic strategic document to help local authorities deal with the transport issues in their villages. It will allow them to address local projects and will involve citizens through surveys and consultations with groups, to take into account the opinion of residents on the effects they feel in their daily lives and the possible contributions to improve the transport system in the local area.

The aim is to characterise each village and the area as a whole and to establish a diagnosis of the situation based on the problems identified and current and future needs. These plans are already being carried out in the Guadalteba and Valle del Guadalhorce areas of Malaga province, according to the Diputación.

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