Sophie Wilkinson is standing for election in Alcaucín. SUR
'The Alcázar is completely derelict and abandoned'
Local elections 2023

'The Alcázar is completely derelict and abandoned'

PP Alcaucín ·

Sophie Wilkinson is supporting Mari Carmen Gálvez Guerrero, number one on the list, who has been a close friend and neighbour of the family since they arrived in the village

Jennie Rhodes

Wednesday, 24 May 2023, 16:30


Sophie Wilkinson is originally from Cheshire in England, but has lived in Alcaucín in the Axarquía for eight years. Her parents were already living in the village when, as Sophie explained, during a sabbatical year from her job as a legal PA, she came to visit them, fell in love with the village and Spain and “never returned”. She lives with her partner and their three-year-old and five-year-old daughters.

Sophie, 33, is number eight on Alcaucín’s PP list and she said her decision to stand was to support Mari Carmen Gálvez Guerrero, who is number one on the list, “because she is a wonderful person inside and out, and extremely passionate about Alcaucín”.

Mari Carmen and her husband Román, along with their children were the first people Sophie met when she arrived in Alcaucin. They are neighbours and Sophie said that they family “have always been there for us and included us”.

Some of the PP’s proposals that Sophie supports include improvements and an extension to the school facilities, the Alcázar, as well as creating new jobs.

What Sophie said that she would like to change in Alcaucín is for derelict and abandoned buildings to either be finished “if legally sound” and turned into housing or demolish them to create more green areas, “particularly the large construction site which is the entrance to Alcaucin, it is an eye sore,” Sophie explained.

She would also like to see a walkway between Alcaucin and Viñuela “because currently many people use this route and it can be dangerous” and she would like to convert the Alcázar natural park area, which is one of the access points to La Maroma mountain “into a beautiful picnic area. It is completely derelict and abandoned”, she said.

Sophie added that this is the first time that she is directly involved in politics but said she is “passionate about Alcaucín, where I live and where my daughters were born and go to school.”


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